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Our goal is to provide our users with accurate, usable information to assist in easily finding any data regarding property taxes in Wilson County. If there is data you need that does not appear on our website, or if you have suggestions, I invite your input. We are dedicated to serving the citizens of this community in every way possible to ensure that property taxation in Wilson County is fair and equal.


If you have received your SB2 postcard here is a link for

more information– SB 2 2021 POSTCARD



The appraisal review board may approve the appraisal records if the sum of the appraised values has been determined, of all properties in which a protest has been filed, is five percent or less of the total appraised value of all other taxable properties (referred to as certifying the appraisal roll).Property Tax Code 26.01 & 41.12 


Any protests filed for 2021 that have not been scheduled for an ARB hearing prior to certification will be scheduled in August or September. Our office is also open to the public for informal hearings during business hours. No appointment is required.  If you filed your protest online please keep checking the online portal for updates or communication. 





The Property Tax Code in Texas is overseen by the Texas Legislature. They set the laws that guide the property valuation process. Every two years, lawmakers have an opportunity to improve that process. The Wilson County Appraisal District nor the local government officials have the authority to change the laws.



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